2 comments on “Futuro House in Danvers, IL

  1. Hi,
    I am FuturoMan, the owner of the Futuro located in Danvers. Yes I have a few signs posted to keep people out. Over the years I have had numerous encounters with trespassers. One Christmas morning, at 1A.M. in the morning no less, had a car come down my drive. By the time I made it downstairs they turned around and drove off, On another occasion I was able to make it outside as this pickup was driving on my lawn and as I approached them, they tried to run me over. These are locale people. No real love of the Futuro, just lookie lou’s, do it on a dare assholes. I have had a couple of travelers like yourself be polite and courteous by just simply knocking on my door. More then happy to show it to ya. Seems like a traveler has that love/respect for the Futuro, either traveling specifically to see a Futuro or a side trip on their journey. So if you are in the area again just knock on my door.

    My Website:

    • Wow! Thank you so much for your comment and for your generous offer!

      I will keep that in mind the next time we pass through, my son is a huge fan of them, and helped set up our cross country trip this year around visiting as many of them as we could.

      Thank you again, and I will keep this in mind for our next travels!


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